Nourishing life - how do you do it?

ATTENTION: This lecture is in Icelandic

Where: Juraapótek, Skipholti 33
When: Miðvikudaginn 5. september, 18:30 - 21:30.
Price: 3500.-

What nourishes us? There are a lot of things apart from food. In this lecture our herbalist, Kolbrún, will for example talk about nourishing food and how to find out what can be used to nourish us personally.

The topics of the lecture are:

- Nourishing food
      - Carbs, protein, oils, vitamin, minerals and viable herbs.
      - Healthy fermanted food.
      - Sprouts.
      - How do you mix the food together?
      - All flavors (bitter, spicy, sour, sweet, salt and umami).
      - Vata, pitta and kapha are roughly explained considering nourishment.
  -Herbs or oils used to combat stress.
  -Mental nourishment.
  -Physical nourishment.
  -Spiritual nourishment.

This course is meant for everyone, not especially for people who are dealing with sickness nor problems. It is for people that want to feel good and be healthy.

To sign up it is necessary to send an email to or call 00354-552-1103.

To secure your place it is smart to pay in advance, the account number is 315-26-4311 and the social security number is 431104-3340. Please put the date of the lecture as an explanation. 

ATTENTION: This lecture is in Icelandic

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