Spa weekend

I love pampering myself, making it cozy in the bathroom and spoiling myself. I could for example not have an apartment that does not have a bath. I have a bath every morning, kind of like a mini-spa.

- Start by dry brushing the skin (we sell really nice sisal brushes)

- Rub sesam oil (available in Jurtaapótekið 500 ml organic for 4290 kr) on the body. I heat it first with a little hot water in the sink while I dry brush.

- Then lay in the bath for 10 - 20 minutes. If I put sesam oil on I don't put anything else into the bath.

- Blend 1 tsp French Green Clay with 1 tsp water and rub it on the face. Let it be 10 minutes before washing the face. The clay cleanses the skin and is rich in minerals.

- Close my eyes and let the hot water open the system. Remember deep breaths.

- Sprey cold water over the face, hands and feet. Really refreshing.

- Put Vin (a facial rejuvenation oil, available in Jurtaapótekið) on the face, with a little extra Hafþyrnisolía for sunprotection.

- If I don't use Sesam oil I would put Töfrar (body oil, available in Jurtaapótekið) on my body after the bath.


Have a lovely weekend, do something that nourishes you and remember that nourishment comes from many places, not only food.

Regards, Kolbrún herbalist.


Here is an interesting link:

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