Jurtaapótek has opened their store at Laugavegur 70

Jurtaapótekið has opened a new and elegant store at Laugavegur 70.

Kolbrún meets clients for private consultation, as before, also at Laugavegur 70 but there is a very good accessibility for all at the store. Bookings for private consultation with Kolbrún can be booked at Noona.is or via this link: https://noona.is/jurtaapotekid

For parking we point out the parking garage at Stjörnuport for those who like to come visit us but otherwise our webshop is always in its place and always open.

We look forward to seeing you!

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Laugavegi 70
101 Reykjavík
Phone no. 552 1103

Opening hours

10-18 weekdays
10-16 fridays
11-14 saturdays

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