Acidophilus, good bacteria

I would like to give you some information about our acidophilus from the company Natren, TRENEV acidophilus. It is from three bacteria strains and differs from other acidophilus on the market because all of the bacteria lasts untill it's best before date. We get our acidophilus shipped with ice and in insulation (not very enviromentally friendly but it works). It is in an oil blend which means that it is digested in the duodenum. Most acidophilus' on the market are broken down in the stomach and the acid there kills alot of the bacteria. TRENEV is made from fermented chickenpeas and the oil base from sunfloweroil.


Lactobacillus acidophilus NAS: 5 billion in one capsule. Can be found in the small intestine as well as the duodenum. This specific bacteria has similar properties as acidophilus produced from milk but is still dairy free. This texture makes it so that the bacteria can better attach itself to the mucus layer which is what we want.

  • Deters unwanted bacteria by releasing bacteriakilling chemicals.
  • Produces hydrogen peroxide which is considered necessary so that the vagina ferments correctly.
  • Helps to lessen yeast in the colon. 
  • Helps to strengthen the immune system. 
  • Produces lactase ensyme which helps break down dairy sugar (lactose).
  • Possibly helps keep blood colesterol in balance.


Lactobacillus bulcaricus LB - 51: 5 billion in one capsule. Can be found in all of the digestive system.

  • Possibly helps intestinal movement.
  • Produces lactase ensyme (to break down lacktose)
  • Produces lactic acid which helps digesting carbs and possibly dairy proteins.
  • Helps to digest milk proteins. When bulgaricus is placed in yogurt then the dairy protein digests better. 
  • The lactic acid could increase the uptake and use of minerals, especially calcium.
  • Because of it's production of hydrogen peroxide it keeps unwanted bacteria and fungi away.
  • Suppresses helecobacter pyloric, a bacteria in the stomach which can cause gastritis.


Bifidobactrium bifidum Malyoth: 20 billion in one capsule. This bacteria is mainly in the colon.

  • Helps producing B vitamins
  • By producing actic and lactic acids which contribute to lowering acid in the intestines and therefore fewer bad bacterias.
  • Helps the liver to cleans and work.
  • A Japanese study says that the bifidum bacteria is the most important bacteria that we need.
  • Can lessen the bacteria which increases as we age.


The bacterias are put together in such a way that they do not influence each other. They are in sunflower seed oil that keeps them insolated as well as protects them from being digested before entering duodenum. The company which produces them ensures that the same amount of bacteria can be found in the capsules from the production date untill the best before date, unlike other production companies. 

Many say that it is better to have many different kinds of bacteria, even when their purpose is not well documented. Professor Gregor Reid prefers to have few types of bacteria but with well known purposes. Professor Reid is one of the leading influences in the world of acidophilus, he is a professor in the University of Western Ontario and has also worked for WHO (World Health Organisation, chairman) regarding bacterias. 

I as a herbalist, have been working in this field for quite some time, refer many people to acidophilus or any type of good bacteria. This was the first acidophilus that I viewed and could say works for sure. Therefore, I am very happy to be able to provide an acidophilus that is surely alive. It always needs to be in a cool place, that is to say refrigerated. 

Use: Good to ingest Trenev before sleep, then it can be productive overnight and nothing interferes with its' activity. Because a lot of food can be bacteria-killing, for example coconut oil, garlic and all onions, olive oil, thyme, various spices and more. 


I have also made two new products from Natren:

GULLVEIG: Is a dairy powder with acidophilus, bulgaricus and bifidus. People can put this in an enema once a month for a 6 month period. This is good for people using the program "Betri næring, betra líf" (Better nutrition, better life). Put 5 tblsp in 1 cup of water, so that it stays inside. This is not for rinsing. 

HNOSS: Contains only acidophilus and is meant to better the normalflora in the vagina. It is placed in the vagina with a syringe. If this is not the best way to fix fungi in the vagina, then there is no other. It also helps against various infections.

Best regards,

Kolbrún, herbalist.



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