Essential Oils

Essential oils are 75 – 100 times stronger than tea.


Essential oils are good for home use as stimulants or relaxants for the nervous system and they can be used in many ways.


Bath: Put 5 – 10 drops of pure essential oil into bathwater.


Inhalation: Put 3 – 6 drops in a bowl of hot water, put a towel over your head and breathe deeply in the steam for 5 – 10 minutes.


You can also put one drop in your palm and inhale deeply, the chemicals in the oils go straight to your brain and have an immediate effect.


Perfume: Some oils are suitable to use as perfume.




Basil: Nervine, antispasmodic, good for insomnia, clears the mind, good for people that need to study a lot, strengthens the skin, is antibacterial and good for otitis.


Bergamot: Uplifting, helpful for depression and good for cystitis.


Carrot: Good for cuts and scrapes. Contains a lot of Vitamin A. strengthens the skin, increases its elasticity and prevents wrinkle formation.


Cajeput: Good to inhale for colds, is analgesic, antiseptic and stimulating.


Camphor: Good for coughs and colds.


Cedarwood: Strongly antiseptic, good for bronchial infections and urinary infections. Good on acne. Mucolytic by thinning phlegm so it can be more easily expelled. Helpful for asthma and cystitis. Increases mental strength.


Chamomile, German and Roman: Calming, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, vasoconstrictor, analgesic and good for allergies, eczema and other skin problems.


Cinnamon: Stimulation and energizing. Is a very potent skin irritant so always dilute properly. Good for infections, both bacterial and viral. Good for diarrhea and intestinal infections. Can also be used as a mouth wash for inflamed gums.


Clove: Good for asthma and bronchitis, good for arthritis and sprains. Can be helpful for nausea and indigestion. Good for tooth ache and to rub on gums of teething babies. It’s a good mosquito repellent.


Coriander: Analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. Good for the musculoskeletal system (e.g. arthritis) and for digestion. Can be helpful for nausea, migraines and fatigue.


Cypress: Balances hormones, for heavy bleeding and bad smelling feet.


Eucalyptus: Good for lungs and sinuses, antibacterial and good to inhale if you have a stuffed nose.


Eucalyptus, Lemon: Good for throat infections, colds, is febrifuge and uplifting, good for cystitis and very good for children.


Fennel: Good for cellulite, detoxing and good during menopause.


Frankincense: Antibacterial, calming for the mind and lifts up the spirit.


Geranium: Good for circulation, the adrenal glands, menopause and for trauma and shock.


Ginger: Osteoarthritis, good for sore and tired muscles and increases circulation.


Grapefruit: Good for cellulite and oily skin. Increases blood oxygen levels and is good for insomnia. Has a positive effect on serotonin production and can be helpful against mild depression. Relieves itching a little bit. Cannot be used in sunlight since the oil makes skin photosensitive.


Hyssop: A strong oil, use with caution, unsuitable for children. Good for all respiratory ailments. Good for chronic fatigue or for exhaustion or lack of energy due to long term strain. Strengthens the skin and can help balance blood pressure. Can also be helpful for MS. Cleanses the air and is very good externally for lung infections (expectorant).


Jasmin: For older skin, calming, good for depression and on stretch marks and scars.


Juniper: Good for cystitis, strengthens the kidneys, is diuretic and can be helpful for hemorrhoids. Strengthens the immune system and the nervous system and is good for stress and anxiety. Can be helpful for muscle and joint pain as well as on cellulite.


Lavender: Balances, safe for children and pregnant women, relaxing, for arthritis and burns.


Lavender Spike: Good for sinusitis, nasal congestion, increases circulation, is stimulating and analgesic and therefore good for arthritis. Can be used undiluted on acne.


Lemon: Very antibacterial and good for the immune system, good for cuts and scrapes. Strengthens the circulatory system. Is deodorant and good for cellulite and oily skin. Can be helpful for canker sores.


Lemongrass: Good for respiratory infections and ulcerative colitis. Can lower blood pressure. Good for foot sweat and fungal infections. Strengthens and calms the nervous system. Can be used as an insect repellent.


Manuka: Antibacterial and antiseptic. Good for all kinds of respiratory infections. Good for the skin. Antifungal and can be ingested.


Mandarin: A mild oil, good for insomnia especially for children. Relieves anxiety, reduces pain and is diuretic. A good relaxing oil to use during pregnancy. Causes photosensitivity so avoid direct sunlight.


Marjoram: Calming, good for anxiety and can help treat high blood pressure.


Melissa: Calming for both the mind and the body and is very strong if it is undiluted. Good for allergies and is also uplifting. A good antiviral, good for warts.


Niaouli: Expectorant, good for sore throats, colds and influenza. Good for cystitis, candida, muscle aches and arthritis. Can also be used on insect bites. Excellent for children with colds, good to draw out infections.


Orange, sweet: Is calming, uplifting and good for insomnia.


Oregano: A broad spectrum antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral. Also good for parasites, fungal infections and mold. Increases circulation and is anti-inflammatory. Good for all manner of infections, e.g. on skin. Strengthens the immune system and is believed to increase serotonin.


Patchouli: Balances and grounds energy. Is relaxing.


Peru Balsam: Stimulating, expectorant, antimicrobial, kills lice eggs (nits), is antibacterial, hypertensive and is also used in soap making to soften it and improve its scent.


Petigrain: Is made from Bitter Orange trees. Is refreshing, mildly relaxing and often used in perfumery.


Pepper, Black: Stimulates circulation, strengthening, good for muscle aches, stiffness and sprains, antispasmodic.


Peppermint: Stimulates the brain, is good for headaches, stimulating and cooling.


Pine: Good for pneumonia and other lung infections, is expectorant and good in a steam bath for colds.


Ravensara: Strengthens the immune system and is antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral.


Rose: Relieves grief, good for the female hormone system, antidepressant and good for the heart chakra.


Rosemary: Stimulates the circulatory system, is diuretic and good for arthritis.


Rosewood: Antibacterial. Strengthens the whole body, is helpful during long drives and is a deodorant.


Sage: Good for the nervous system and the female hormonal system. Balances menses and decreases sweating. Decreases lactation.


Sandalwood: Extremely relaxing, good for the nervous system and the skin. Can help with psoriasis, eczema, acne, itching and dry skin. Good for scars. Anti-inflammatory, expectorant and antitussive. Good for asthma, colds and bronchitis (chronic). Helpful for pollen allergies and stimulates the immune system. Good for hormonal imbalances and morning sickness. Good for chronic urinary infections and cystitis.


Tea Tree: Very broad spectrum antibacterial, good for fungal infections, antiseptic, for all kinds of colds and flu. Good on gums for gingivitis and can be used as a mouthwash after any kind of mouth operation. Balances the body and is helpful for psychological trauma. Good for cold sores, acne, chicken pox and dandruff. Stimulates the lymphatic system.


Thyme: Good for sore and tired muscles, stimulating and antibacterial.


Turmeric: Anti-inflammatory, especially for arthritis, and antibacterial.


Vetiver: Is very calming for stress and refreshing for baths.


Wintergreen: Is very analgesic due to its salicylic acid content, anti-inflammatory, especially for arthritis. Antitussive and generally stimulating for the whole body. Dilute before use.


Yarrow: Anti-inflammatory, relaxing, antispasmodic and healing. A very mild oil that can be used neat on skin.


Ylang Ylang: Is relaxing and good for the skin. It’s good for PMS, cramps and frigidity and can be a birthing help. Balances hormones and increases serotonin in the body. Good for insect bytes.

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