Omega 3


Omega 3 is essential for all of us since our body can‘t make it from other fatty acids. If the food we eat was not processed so heavily we wouldn‘t need so much additional omega 3, but unfortunately our food has been changed, pasteurized, standardized, homogenized, heated etc. In other words the food has been cleaned and killed. The Icelandic lýsi (Cod liver oil), which we know best for being rich in omega 3, has been imprinted into us as the daily dosage of omega 3 (1 tbsp), but because the ocean isn’t clean it hasn’t necessarily been the best choice. The common lýsi, from the company Lýsi hf, is cleansed so much that it loses its vitamin content, so the company adds synthetic vitamins afterwards. They also say that “unprocessed lýsi isn’t suitable for human consumption; it’s usually dark, tastes horrible and can contain contaminants, which means that it has to be processed”. Another Icelandic company DROPI has disproven this recently. They sell lýsi that is cold pressed, raw and they  use charcoal to cleanse it of contaminants. In a way you can say that what comes from Lýsi hf is factory made but what comes from Dropi is hand made.


DROPI: Since its vitamin content is high the daily dosage of this type is only 1 tsp. for adults and ½ tsp. for children That teaspoon contains 1150 mg omega 3, 2300 IU vitamin A and 15 IU vitamin D. It is therefore apparent that we need more omega 3 from another source. Milking mothers can take more vitamin A than others.


FLAXSEED OIL: This is the oil I recommend. The daily dosage of omega 3 we need (according to me) is 0,5 ml flaxseed oil per kg, or 2 tbsp. for a 60 kg person. The Flaxseed oil we sell is cold pressed, unfiltered and has no additives. We import it ourselves and make sure it stays refrigerated the whole time. Flaxseed oil goes rancid easily if it’s not refrigerated and it has a short shelf-life, or only 6 months. It goes rancid easily from heat, light and oxygen. Udo Erasmus, “the oil guy”, has researched omega oils extensively and according to him “a good Flaxseed oil is something everyone should take every day”.


What does omega 3 do? Omega 3 is essential since our body can’t produce it. It literally keeps everything soft, skin, mucous membranes, musculoskeletal system, vascular system, nourishes the nervous system and endocrine system. It strengthens the cell wall in every cell in the body. It’s anti-inflammatory for all manner of inflammations, our body transforms omega 3 into prostaglandins which are anti-inflammatory. We are a bit like cars that need our lubrication, if we say that gasoline is our food, water is our water and lubricating oil is the good oils or omega 3 we need, then that car wouldn’t run without oil. I sometimes say that our minds are so strong that it carries us forward even if we aren’t getting enough nourishment and are in dire need of good oils. When we are saturated with good oils from the inside, our body becomes stronger and various ailments and health problems are less likely to occur, e.g. skin problems (eczema, acne), arthritis, inflammations, mental problems and many others.


WHAT ARE THE BEST OMEGA 3 SOURCES: (in receding order)


Fatty fish

Chia seeds


Unhomogenized milk


I’m always surprised to hear that there are still people out there that don’t take any oils. These people are shriveling up, dry inside and out. I though articles and material had been written about the importance of these oils for people to realize that they aren’t just slightly necessary but crucial. That’s why we sometimes see kind of miracles happening when people start taking oils. Always remember your oils, they are the only thing I never forgo. I don’t always take herbs but oils are always a part of my daily routine.


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