Winter, colds and other ailments

The winter has arrived in its white dress. Which I really enjoy, then you can go out and play. Just dress warmly and enjoy it to the fullest. Inhaling the crisp air after the snowflakes have fallen. But it is the autumn cold and the flu that I want to teach you how to deal with using herbal products from our store, Jurtaapótekið.

COUGH WITH MUCUS: Kveðrungur (suitable for children), hóstasmyrsli (suitable for children), læðingur and if there is an infection Oregano oil should be taken orally.
Kveðrungur is expectorant and anti-bacterial, suitable for adults as well as children.

DRY COUGH: Lakkrís- og timían sýróp (suitable for children) and boiling Fjallagrös with læðingur works very well.

A COLD OR A FLU: Mímir is good as a prophylaxis one time a day or three times a day after getting sick. A very popular herbal blend. Æsir is good against all virus infections as well as  Oregano oil or the oil blend Freyr for severe infections. Nefolían is good for a runny nose while nefskolkannan (netipot) is for sinusitis.

BRONCHITIS: Læðingur is expectorant (gets rids of excess mucus), softening and increases energy. Coughing is so energy draining. Hóstasmyrslið is also good and Kveðrungur would also help.

FEVER: Engifer te, Vallhumals te eða ylliblóm. Would be good to blend these herbs together.

EAR INFECTION: Eyrnaolía once a day as a prophylaxis or three times a day if an infection has occured. Kveðrungur is also good since it kills the bacteria or the virus.

Have a good, nutritious, constructive and educational winter. It is good to slow down a bit, relax and enjoy a good book.

Best regards,

Kolbrún, herbalist.

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