Essential oils and pregnancy

Essential oils that are safe during pregnancy:

Lavender Rose Mandarin Ylang ylang
Vetiver Petitgrain Bergamot Kamilla
Sandalwood Neroli Patchouli Geranium
Frankincense Tea tree    

To protect against wear and tear it is good to make a blend of rose, neroli, frankincense and lavender essential oils. As a base the carrier oils wheat germ oil, almond oil and/or rosehip oil are good to use. 

Not the first four months:

Fennel Peppermint Rosemary Rose

Avoid using during pregnancy:

Basil Clove Marjoram Myrrh
Cinnamon Salvía Hyssop Timian
Juniper Cypress    

Good during birth:

Kamilla Clary Sage Lemon eucalyptus Frankincense
Jasmín Lavender Lemon Mandarin
Peppermint Rose Bergamot Cypress
Ylang ylang Neroli Cinnamon  
  • Cinnamon is useful in birth because it stimulates contractions but is also relaxing (calms the nervous system).
  • Clary sage eases labour pains.
  • Fennel stimulates the uterus and promotes lactation.
  • Geranium is good to use to rub the back during the birth (all the way to the tailbone) and stimulates contractions. It is also good for postpartum depression.
  • Jasmín helps to strengthen the uterus after giving birth, is good for labour and promotes lactation.
  • Lavender and peppermint is a good mixture to rub on the back or the abdomen during birth, since they relieve pain and calm at the same time. 
  • Ylang ylang is also good for rubbing the back and abdomen during birth, it increases serotonin levels in the body and reduces the pain levels.
  • Rose is good during birthing (also in a mixture with lavender and peppermint). It can also be used to rub the hands and feet of the infant to get them used to the enviroment or to rub the hands of the father to reduce anxiety/fear. It is also a good defence against bacteria in the enviroment.
  • A mixture of bergamotlavender and kamillu can be spreyed in the air during birth and after getting home. These oils are antibacterial and even out the nervous system. 
  • If the perineum tears or is cut it is good to put rose, cypress and lavender essential oils in to a bath and sit in it for at least 10 minutes. 
  • If galactostasis (caked breasts) occurs the mixture of geranium, rose and peppermint can help.

Oils that are useful for both mother and child:

  • Rosewood is very good for the skin, helps with depression, numbness and anxiety (can also be used during pregnancy). This essential oil can also help with insomnia and anxiety for children. 
  • Rose can be used as a daily massage for the infant, it calms and can help against stomach cramps if it is used with lavender as well.
  • Mandarin and lavender is a good mixture for children which are agitated or have a hard time sleeping. 

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