Flaxseed Oil - 473 ml

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Flaxseed Oil
Our Flaxseed oil is cold pressed, unfiltered and devoid of all additives. It’s necessary to ingest some kind of oil every day to lubricate the body from the inside.
We import it ourselves and are careful to keep it refrigerated all the time. Flaxseed oil goes rancid very quickly if it isn’t refrigerated and has a short expiration date, or only 6 months. Flaxseed oil goes rancid easily from heat, light and oxygen. Udo Erasmus, “the oil guy”, has studied Omega oils extensively and says that everyone should ingest good quality Flaxseed oil every day.

Flaxseed oil contains a lot of healthy Fatty Acids, such as Omega 3, 6 and 9, Omega 3 being the most abundant of the three.

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